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Same person as you did
Fri Jan 5, 2018 7:45am

We too have our receipts. We also have our correspondence with your researcher you cite in your article. He told us he had nothing to do with getting the Honorius signatures for you. He specifically says it was you who would have ordered it through the National Archives at Kew. The National Archives at Kew is the only location that has the shipping records for 1902. You should know this.

You donít cite your only source correctly and then blame it on the researcher. Your article is not correct if you canít correctly cite where you paid to get your information. Not professional at all!

  • I have all the receipts and I have the person who pulled the docs for me at Newfoundland. That person is sighted. So if he pulled at Kew. Great. He got me wanted I wanted. As well I called Kew... more
    • Same person as you did — neglib, Fri Jan 5 7:45am
      • Actually your wrong- Here is a sample Mark Mszanski, Fri Jan 5 7:53am
        Neglible - Your actually wrong and I cannot understand why you would expose yourself to lying - or disinformation to researchers on this site - For reference here is one of the copies of searches -... more
        • Re: Actually your wrong- Here is a sample ChrisV, Fri Jan 5 2:23pm
          Are you serious? What does that have to do with the Honorius signatures? Maybe if you show me a grocery receipt I will believe you lol.
        • Wrong year, wrong shipneglib, Fri Jan 5 8:07am
          What does the 1901 Bellarden have to do with the signatures? The signatures came from the Honorius Log from July 1902.
          • Read and attempt to digest - Mark Mszanski, Fri Jan 5 11:10am
            I sent you an example of one of the receipts - There were quite a few Figure it out -
            • indigestionneglib, Fri Jan 5 11:22am
              Maybe the cold weather is affecting your memory and thinking. Once again, another game of deflection and putting burden on the reader. It's your mistake, fix it.
              • I have no time for you. mark, Fri Jan 5 12:04pm
                You need to figure it out. The example I sent was just one of the reciept of a few. . I asked for Honorius and bellarden and herminus. Go pay for them. You have all the sources and now the links.
                • Think CarefullyChrisV, Fri Jan 5 3:27pm
                  Mark how many times have you been to the National Archives in Kew?
                • It's your article, make timeneglib, Fri Jan 5 12:42pm
                  Your hole is getting deeper. You only provided one source and one link and those don't apply to the 1902 Honorius. The receipts and links won't help you answer my inquiry of why is you are sourcing... more
                • It's your reputation...make time (nm)Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 12:20pm
          • Mark this is badPat, Fri Jan 5 11:09am
            You said you are in UK at least once a week. You could have accessed the ship records for the Honorius and altered or forged the signatures. The one of Mrs Place is very suspect . Note the H and... more
            • keep in mindDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 5 12:28pm
              Pat, Keep in mind that the fact SK&EP sailed on the Honorius as crew, he as purser and she as steward, from NY to BsAs in 1902 is not new information. Frank Dimaio disclosed it in the notes of his... more
              • Re: keep in mindChrisV, Fri Jan 5 2:29pm
                No one is disputing the event.....However, just because the event happened doesn't verify that the document is real. I know thats how you've operated on the SA documents as well, but its not how it... more
              • DanPat, Fri Jan 5 1:01pm
                Not questioning the fact that the Place duo came on a ship to Buenos Aires in 1902. What I question is the method that Mark used to try and show actual signatures. Which may have been forged or... more
                • Re: DanVince Garcia, Fri Jan 5 3:31pm
                  I'm amazed you're actually implying Mark could have forged these. If you're that worried, why don't you get your own copies and examine them. After that, what "further research" would need to be... more
                  • Thanks Vince Mark Mszanski, Sat Jan 6 8:01am
                    Agreed Vince - Its a vast conspiracy - I have so much time on my hands - In fact, after flying all night , Now I have to take the Christmas tree down - LOL Sincerely,
                • Re: DanChrisV, Fri Jan 5 2:11pm
                  Pat, The logbook is in Kew. How did I know? Mark's researcher in Newfoundland directed us there. He said they did not have it. Only Kew carried 1902 logbooks. Newfoundland has 1901 and 1903. We... more
                • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 5 1:15pm
                  Pat, I would hesitate to jump to conclusions. Even if the archives got mixed up, because Newfoundland and Kew both house early 1900s British shipping records, it's not a major issue, it's a citation... more
                  • Dan big dealPat, Fri Jan 5 3:07pm
                    It is a big deal. It means we have no way of knowing if there was forged or altered documents. Mark has seriously disappointed me . I will never be able to believe anything he posts in the future.And ... more
                  • Re: DanChrisV, Fri Jan 5 2:18pm
                    Citation big deal lol Mark visits UK monthly, but claims the document is in big deal Mark's researcher says Mark was responsible for ordering documents in Kew, UK.... more
              • A timeline to create a bogus document (nm)Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 12:34pm
                • posting with a bag over your headDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 5 12:50pm
                  Mr. Anonymous, Are you suggesting that someone forged Ernst (1992), Patterson (1998), and earlier books, and as well Frank Dimaio's 1903 notes, a concatenation of forgers stretching back more than a... more
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