It's your reputation...make time (nm)
Fri Jan 5, 2018 12:20pm

  • I have no time for you. mark, Fri Jan 5 12:04pm
    You need to figure it out. The example I sent was just one of the reciept of a few. . I asked for Honorius and bellarden and herminus. Go pay for them. You have all the sources and now the links.
    • Think CarefullyChrisV, Fri Jan 5 3:27pm
      Mark how many times have you been to the National Archives in Kew?
    • It's your article, make timeneglib, Fri Jan 5 12:42pm
      Your hole is getting deeper. You only provided one source and one link and those don't apply to the 1902 Honorius. The receipts and links won't help you answer my inquiry of why is you are sourcing... more
    • It's your reputation...make time (nm) — Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 12:20pm
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