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Daniel Buck
Re: assuming for purpoes of discussion . . .
Sat Jan 6, 2018 6:11am

What you have, as I understand it, are communications from Kory Penney (it's Penney, by the way, not Penny) at Newfoundland. A good first start, but hardly "done my research."

We'll find out more soon and, as I say, if the 1902 Honorious crew-list records are at Kew, not Newfoundland, a correction can be made.

You should be familiar with the drill, having had to amend some of your posts that went initially astray, e,g., the Cassidy letter mix-up and the YouTube video of the renovated Cholila cabin.

We need not mention your fixation on the George Edward Anderson photograph of the bogus Sundance & Cassidy, which remains fervid. Best, Dan

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