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Officially over
Sat Jan 6, 2018 10:57am

No one needs to do any research anymore. The Saga of Butch and Sundance is finally over. We all now know that everything written by anyone is true . ....

This kerfuffle about ships passenger records is just the latest line of lies and deception. We can now read KRB and Jemison,Lacy or even Nickels , Williams and now Mrzanski because the truth no longer matters.

Any story written anywhere can now be accepted as true even on YouTube. New articles about Butch are now sent to the UK so that it insures they will never be read by any one other than a few elite members. Or those lucky enough to be rich and can flit back and forth weekly to the UK

It's been a very long eye opening journey for me . Beginning with the forged documents about Butch owning property in Dubois, to the actual McCord files sent to me, to the debunking of Phillips/Wilcox ,to the cover up of 1500 documents from SA that are only copies and no originals found . Now this in Kew.

We all know that in this day and age everything is fake news. Add anything written past or present about Cassidy to this list .

I use to love History and especially outlaw history. No I hate it.

    • Just BeginningBrian Mida Bleecker, Mon Jan 8 12:25pm
      Pat, Your post brings up many relevant issues in these times of mass information, polarized media, and expanding fake news. And while your disillusionment has only now piqued, it surely began the day ... more
      • What?Pat, Tue Jan 9 6:52pm
        I have no idea what you're talking about. But it doesn't matter . Your book is fake too along with the pictures. None of it matters anymore because no one knows how to be truthful and honest . We're... more
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