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Mark Mszanski
Your reference to end note number 30
Sun Jan 7, 2018 9:37am

Chris -

I believe your correct. At least I believe one end note number (30 ) should say Kew and not MHA which was an oversight by me in referring to 42 end notes as sources in my article. There are no other changes to the article. It stands as is.I am happy to say. I have as you may have read thanked both the MHA and National Archives at Kew for their help in providing the vital crew lists and ships Masters information for my the final paragraph of my article.

I am happy to say my Journey as you call it is intact -I went to both Newfoundland and to Kew to get the data on all ships after researching the ships numbers for each ship - The content on NYC , Arrival Times, Pinkerton records, Consulate stamps and desertion data are correct.and stand as is.

Herminus, Bellarden, Solider Prince , Honorius. are all sighted in the article including tonnage , ships masters and consulate stamps. I was sent to Newfoundland as Kew only had a 10% sample of crew list whereby Newfoundland had a 75% percent sample. - My receipt for Honorius is from Kew and I have gone back and will send a note to the editor on this one change regarding an end note sighted as number 30 of 42. But the crew lists and ships data for the period of time I researched are correct and stand as is as received

As far as your question with regard to visiting the National Archives in the Richmond District of London, Yes is the answer .I had visited them during last summer - I had looked for information on James Knott's Prince Line and other materials as part of future articles. I hope to return soon.

Your original concern if you remember was trying to authenticate the ships manifests as crew. You had if you remember questioned the validity of these documents and that of of other researchers ( Mike Bell as the latest ) and wanted to do lab tests or other to validate the signatures and Crew Lists for the ships manifests mentioned my article . As a result of my research, you now have the ships numbers and their manufacture and to my understanding you have even paid to get some of the crew lists at Kew or maybe the MHA at Newfoundland? - Good for you .

I have published the list I found of Honorius and not held back or kept those records private. I had early on hoped other researchers could view them in the hopes that they would able to further their research. If you or other researchers wish to question the validity of the crew lists , that is your option and I look forward to your findings by a professional firm or your own in depth lab results.

I am happy to say you can now go to KEW or to Newfoundland to do your tests. I would like to understand the results of your tests. Please ensure you notify OWR on your findings . I am sure the Queen , The National Archives and the MHA will be very open to your analysis. :) - You can tell them of your deep background in historical research and cite your publications as credentials.


Mark Mszanski

  • You've Provided the NourishmentChrisV, Sat Jan 6 4:53am
    Mark, The part I don't get is your make believe story of a researcher finding the information in Newfoundland. 1. The information is not there.... it is Kew 2. I talked to Mr Penny myself (and have... more
    • Your reference to end note number 30 — Mark Mszanski, Sun Jan 7 9:37am
      • 14% of your endnotes are bad. ChrisV, Mon Jan 8 3:11pm
        Mark, I hate to say it, but its not just end note number 30. It is also endnotes: 32,33,34,36,37 How about showing us the receipt from the National Archives? When you were at Kew last summer, did you ... more
      • Another oversightneglib, Mon Jan 8 5:56am
        You've visited the National Archives but you haven't taken the time to see the log while you were there? Brett
    • There is no made up story Mark Mszanski, Sat Jan 6 6:06am
      Chris - You seem to be very worries about The UK Kew versus Newfoundland Maritime archives. I will check next week. The result however is still the same. You got the signatures and the manifest. You... more
      • Amateur hourChrisv, Sat Jan 6 6:14am
        Glad real researches take things a little more serious than you. Otherwise we would spend all our time fact checking.. how many times you been to national archives? Be careful with your answer lol
    • assuming for purpoes of discussion . . .Daniel Buck, Sat Jan 6 5:43am
      Chris. Let's assume for purposes of discussion that the 1902 Honorius crew list is held at Kew not Newfoundland, so what? It's not unreasonable to see how a researcher, communicating with both... more
      • A good rough draftneglib, Sat Jan 6 7:37am
        I'm sure if I wrote this and had it published, you would would not be so kind. There is more than just a typo in the end note. The story of the "hunt" is inaccurate. According to what you said in a... more
        • If you published anything ? Mark Mszanski, Mon Jan 8 2:34pm
          I would be supportive. Its tough work if you can get it . I look forward to your next article. I don't write and research to make money. I do it as I like the chase. When I have time , I do what I... more
          • in the medianeglib, Tue Jan 9 2:06pm
            You weren't so kind to the RR pic we researched. I doubt anything will change. It must have been pretty awesome to see the crew log in person in Kew. Brett
      • Dan Mistakes happen I agree. To this degree, we will see. I have done my research. The signatures are in kew. No speculation needed Mr. Penny did not get him the signatures. No speculation needed Ask ... more
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