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Brian Mida Bleecker
Just Beginning
Mon Jan 8, 2018 12:25pm


Your post brings up many relevant issues in these times of mass information, polarized media, and expanding fake news. And while your disillusionment has only now piqued, it surely began the day you fell in with cash historians. However, a new era of Butch & Sundance research is just beginning with the discovery of The New Evidence.

TNE video has expanded to about 200 views per day, from roughly 70 different countries. YouTube analytics show that these are long looks, double looks, and group looks. The larger view surges appear to be international conferences. My own studies indicate that a large portion of these viewers are educated and middle to upper class.

Several noted historians have shown in recent references that The New Evidence is now supplemental to their research, particularly, as you have noted, in the U.K. The Tally has informed me that they will be publishing a review soon and a London media outlet, which I will not name yet, has begun flirting with me. This could be a big year for TNE.

I have begun scheduling speaking engagements for spring 2018 that will include big-screen enhancement of the photo, with compelling examinations of Butch's scar, Harry's broken nose, and many other forensic features. This will be an exciting show for everybody, even those who cannot see past their own preconceptions.

You know, change can happen in funny ways. An international blog (that receives hundreds of views per day) has just run a series on The New Evidence that is very informative - and hilarious. The blogger actually does a photo-parody of Michael Bell's bizarre cat comparison, from his Amazon Kindle "review" of TNE. Now, that's entertainment!

By the way, that same blog names Daniel Buck, Mark Mszanski, and Bob Goodwin, and fully quotes their New Evidence denunciations from this very chat room. Right now those guys are all gaining worldwide reputations as New Evidence naysayers. Remember, it is incumbent upon all researchers to decide on which side of history they will fall.

Pat, for those who will not consider this amazing photo of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, the thrill of Wild West research may well be gone, the chase finally over. But for those with eyes to see, the investigation has just begun.


  • Officially overPat, Sat Jan 6 10:57am
    No one needs to do any research anymore. The Saga of Butch and Sundance is finally over. We all now know that everything written by anyone is true . .... This kerfuffle about ships passenger records... more
    • Just Beginning — Brian Mida Bleecker, Mon Jan 8 12:25pm
      • What?Pat, Tue Jan 9 6:52pm
        I have no idea what you're talking about. But it doesn't matter . Your book is fake too along with the pictures. None of it matters anymore because no one knows how to be truthful and honest . We're... more
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