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Mark Mszanski
If you published anything ?
Mon Jan 8, 2018 2:34pm

I would be supportive. Its tough work if you can get it . I look forward to your next article.
I don't write and research to make money.

I do it as I like the chase. When I have time , I do what I can.


  • A good rough draftneglib, Sat Jan 6 7:37am
    I'm sure if I wrote this and had it published, you would would not be so kind. There is more than just a typo in the end note. The story of the "hunt" is inaccurate. According to what you said in a... more
    • If you published anything ? — Mark Mszanski, Mon Jan 8 2:34pm
      • in the medianeglib, Tue Jan 9 2:06pm
        You weren't so kind to the RR pic we researched. I doubt anything will change. It must have been pretty awesome to see the crew log in person in Kew. Brett
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