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Have you seen the logbook in Person?
Tue Jan 9, 2018 6:00pm

Have you seen the logbook in person? How many pages does it have? What are the dimensions out of curiosity?

  • My how the termites have feasted here Mark Mszanski, Fri Jan 5 10:40pm
    I was on a plane all afternoon and evening back from California on business. But have done an initial search of my old email back to 2016. Here is what I have in my email box. I have emails with... more
    • Have you seen the logbook in Person? — ChrisV, Tue Jan 9 6:00pm
    • You've Provided the NourishmentChrisV, Sat Jan 6 4:53am
      Mark, The part I don't get is your make believe story of a researcher finding the information in Newfoundland. 1. The information is not there.... it is Kew 2. I talked to Mr Penny myself (and have... more
      • Your reference to end note number 30 Mark Mszanski, Sun Jan 7 9:37am
        Chris - I believe your correct. At least I believe one end note number (30 ) should say Kew and not MHA which was an oversight by me in referring to 42 end notes as sources in my article. There are... more
        • 14% of your endnotes are bad. ChrisV, Mon Jan 8 3:11pm
          Mark, I hate to say it, but its not just end note number 30. It is also endnotes: 32,33,34,36,37 How about showing us the receipt from the National Archives? When you were at Kew last summer, did you ... more
        • Another oversightneglib, Mon Jan 8 5:56am
          You've visited the National Archives but you haven't taken the time to see the log while you were there? Brett
      • There is no made up story Mark Mszanski, Sat Jan 6 6:06am
        Chris - You seem to be very worries about The UK Kew versus Newfoundland Maritime archives. I will check next week. The result however is still the same. You got the signatures and the manifest. You... more
        • Amateur hourChrisv, Sat Jan 6 6:14am
          Glad real researches take things a little more serious than you. Otherwise we would spend all our time fact checking.. how many times you been to national archives? Be careful with your answer lol
      • assuming for purpoes of discussion . . .Daniel Buck, Sat Jan 6 5:43am
        Chris. Let's assume for purposes of discussion that the 1902 Honorius crew list is held at Kew not Newfoundland, so what? It's not unreasonable to see how a researcher, communicating with both... more
        • A good rough draftneglib, Sat Jan 6 7:37am
          I'm sure if I wrote this and had it published, you would would not be so kind. There is more than just a typo in the end note. The story of the "hunt" is inaccurate. According to what you said in a... more
          • If you published anything ? Mark Mszanski, Mon Jan 8 2:34pm
            I would be supportive. Its tough work if you can get it . I look forward to your next article. I don't write and research to make money. I do it as I like the chase. When I have time , I do what I... more
            • in the medianeglib, Tue Jan 9 2:06pm
              You weren't so kind to the RR pic we researched. I doubt anything will change. It must have been pretty awesome to see the crew log in person in Kew. Brett
        • Dan Mistakes happen I agree. To this degree, we will see. I have done my research. The signatures are in kew. No speculation needed Mr. Penny did not get him the signatures. No speculation needed Ask ... more
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