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Daniel Buck
do you understand calendars, yes or no?
Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:48am

do you understand how calendars work, a simple yes or no will suffice. Best, Dan

  • Rambling dissertationChrisv, Thu Jan 11 7:39am
    We don't need all that info. Did you see the logbook at kew? A simple yes or no is sufficient.
    • do you understand calendars, yes or no? — Daniel Buck, Thu Jan 11 7:48am
      • marks turn (nm)Chrisv, Thu Jan 11 8:28am
        • ChrisPat, Thu Jan 11 9:38am
          The National Archives in Kew , UK can be searched in person. You must present 2 ID's and then given a readers ticket. You can then order what you want to read. And the ORIGINALS will be sent to you... more
      • Dan Pat, Thu Jan 11 8:19am
        Were you in KEW with Mark? If not then you need to let him answer this one alone.
        • Re: Dan Vince Garcia, Thu Jan 11 4:53pm
          Given what he has said, I infer the answer is NO, he did not see them in person in Kew but was sent copies of them, which he assumed had their genesis in Canada, not the UK. So he has never seen the... more
          • Marks a big boyChrisV, Thu Jan 11 6:15pm
            Vince, Mark is a grown man. Lets give him the opportunity to answer truthfully to the simple answer I have posted for him. best, Chris
            • Re: Marks a big boyChrisV, Thu Jan 11 6:18pm
              make that the simple QUESTION I have posted for him
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