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Dan you have sunk to new low
Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:34am

Your in the gutter now with the other low lifes . Everything I got from the WY St archives came via email or snail mail. Have receipts .You are confusing what I told you but that's not surprising because at your age you may be senile. Be careful when you go to GA on the 27th. They still lynch people down there. LOL

Don't deflect what is going on . Don't answer for Mark like he is a 2 year old kid. Let him answer the questions put forth to HIM about his dealings with and at Kew. He wrote the article and needs to own up to what he did and how he did it.

  • share with us your experiences in Wyoming archivesDaniel Buck, Thu Jan 11 10:17am
    Pat, Mark has explained that in writing his article he mixed up which archives he got his scans from, and that submitted his WWHA Journal for publication before his trip to London summer 2017.... more
    • Dan you have sunk to new low — Pat, Thu Jan 11 11:34am
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