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Daniel Buck
Re: dan photo
Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:45am

Altiplano ponchos are thick wool and huge, shoulders to mid-shins, I've got two. Comfy as all get out, but heavy and cumbersome to the uninitiated. Most Westerners then and now wear standard travel gear. Thus, instead of looking like Eastwood's man with no name, BC&SK would have looked like traveling businessmen, which in a manner of speaking they were. Dan

  • Re: dan photoVince Garcia, Fri Jan 12 6:31am
    I imagine them wearing something more akin to Clint Eastwood's poncho
    • Re: dan photoDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 7:07am
      Vince, a Bolivian colleague reminded me this morning that per San Vicente eyewitness Remigio Sanchez, one of the bandits was wearing "a light-brown cashmere suit, a grey hat, red gaiters" and the... more
      • Re: dan photoVince Garcia, Fri Jan 12 9:27am
        Well, i guess they wanted to be classy looking bandits... Otherwise, I'd think the poncho would be warmer and more practical in the bush
    • Re: dan photo — Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 6:45am
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