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Daniel Buck
Re: dan photo
Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:07am

a Bolivian colleague reminded me this morning that per San Vicente eyewitness Remigio Sanchez, one of the bandits was wearing "a light-brown cashmere suit, a grey hat, red gaiters" and the other "a yellow suit, apparently cashmere, red gaiters, a grey hat." Cashmere was a typical fabric in suits of the era. Gaiters were quite common as well.

If you look at the tea party photo, BC is wearing a three piece suit, and Sundance apparently simlar attire, but with the jacket off & the vest unbuttoned. In the jinetes and Inquisivi photos, BC&SK are wearing pants & vest, perhaps two pieces of a three-piece suit. Dan

  • Re: dan photoVince Garcia, Fri Jan 12 6:31am
    I imagine them wearing something more akin to Clint Eastwood's poncho
    • Re: dan photo — Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 7:07am
      • Re: dan photoVince Garcia, Fri Jan 12 9:27am
        Well, i guess they wanted to be classy looking bandits... Otherwise, I'd think the poncho would be warmer and more practical in the bush
    • Re: dan photoDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 6:45am
      Vince, Altiplano ponchos are thick wool and huge, shoulders to mid-shins, I've got two. Comfy as all get out, but heavy and cumbersome to the uninitiated. Most Westerners then and now wear standard... more
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