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Things sure get hairy when dealing with Dan
Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:29am

Dan is now blackmailing me to shut me up. He is writing all my friends like Bob G and Mike Bell and spreading hate and discontent. Saying I am emotionally unstable etc.They forwarded me his emails to them this morning. Dan also wrote me and included a partial email from me telling him what I had here and how I got it.

Several months ago I had gotten upset because of losing my sight in one eye and other problems and I made a comment about there being no god. Dan immediately wrote me privately trying to comfort me . He was so kind. Kept writing several times a day every day for the last few months . Asking me opinions on things and just offering succor.

In one email I told him about the good stuff I held back and did not give to Mike when he came. And how I got it. I even told him what all I had which is valuable . But none of it came from WY archives or even AHC. They were in the hands of a man who had stolen them and a woman who did the same and had them in her home. I kept them safe all these years. They include the ORIGINAL 1892 signature by Butch Cassidy. Plus newspaper articles from the lost 5 months 1894 when Butch was arrested and the murder of Ritchie. Also the 3 pages from JP book. And more. These are what Dan wants . He will never get them.

So go ahead Dan .Threaten me , blackmail me. Do your very worst. This is all to deflect from Mark having possibly faked/forged documents. What are you and Mark so afraid of?
You must protect him as his lawyer or daddy or boyfriend . It's called bullying and is what teenagers do to get their friends to commit suicide. But it won't work on me. I am raging with the dying of the light.

Do you really think Dan at this stage of my life that I care what you do? I am just glad you showed your true colors and couldn't have cared less if I was suffering, hurting, and needed a friend. I will fight you every day with my last breath. You are more like Trump than Trump himself. Sad.You are an evil little man .

Now back to Mark and if he went to the Kew in person and saw the originals. That is what we all want to know. Just answer it Mark. Man up. Quit hiding behind Dan's skirts.

    • Re: Things sure get hairy when dealing with DanDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 11:50am
      Pat, Here's the passage from what you wrote to me late last December: "You see I am not proud of some of the things I did to get these records and documents. I knew they were valuable and I TOOK... more
      • DanPat, Fri Jan 12 12:18pm
        My obscene reply to you this morning still goes. You distorted my email to you. And I would never leave them to you of all people . You are twisted. But I reiterate what I said. I did not take them... more
        • And BTWPat, Fri Jan 12 12:28pm
          I have all of Mark's emails from back when I was helping him for almost a year. For some strange reason I got hacked and my emails from him, you and Mike were all removed. But surprise surprise I had ... more
          • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 12:40pm
            He posted your private emails....
            • Re: And BTWDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 12:53pm
              Chris, The horror! I quoted from an email someone sent me. I do not know what bubble you live under, but there is no such thing in the world we live in as a private email, especially an email... more
              • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 1:06pm
                If it's not illegal it's at the very least classless
                • classless, really? Are you a Marxist?Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 2:20pm
                  Classless, really? Karl Marx would approve. And quoting the email from Kew was also Marxist, er, classless? I haven't have this much fun since I was in kindergarten. Best, Dan
                  • You are a Marksist Chrisv, Fri Jan 12 2:38pm
                    Give marks good friend in Newfoundland a call and see what he says.. kindergarten? That makes sense. Wasting too much time on a yes or no question.
              • Dan Pat, Fri Jan 12 1:04pm
                Sure everyone does it right? And you did this morning in a slew of emails to everyone you know. But here's the rub. You sucked me in with kindness and sympathy and PROMISED not to tell anyone . So... more
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