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Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:18pm

My obscene reply to you this morning still goes. You distorted my email to you. And I would never leave them to you of all people . You are twisted. But I reiterate what I said. I did not take them from any archives or courthouse etc. The people that stole them are who I got them from . They had to be protected so they would not be destroyed which was their original intention. Or to cover up their own bad deeds. I did a good thing. Now you are bullying and blackmailing me and trying to smear me .

By the way they are already in another safe place and you will never get any of it .No matter how much you put me through.

Remember too I was writing with one eye damaged and did not get too specific . All of this because I went after your golden boy Mark . Man you are really a piece of work. Your own research was and is a sham . Still waiting on answers to those 1500 documents you have only copies of. You're pissed because Roger McCord sent me his original files and I revealed the way you slithered around the evidence and lied. You are pissed because I exposed the Percy Seibert fraud right from his granddaughters mouth. You are pissed because I exposed your cemetery fraud with the Church records.

In fact you are just so angry that you can't convince the world that you are the greatest historian that ever lived. Sound like the orange guy? Yep. You must be idolized and adored. Plus you love to bash women and especially on this forum. I am a #METOO.
So yes to your blackmail and threats and bullying I say FU .

Other than that have a nice day.

  • Re: Things sure get hairy when dealing with DanDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 11:50am
    Pat, Here's the passage from what you wrote to me late last December: "You see I am not proud of some of the things I did to get these records and documents. I knew they were valuable and I TOOK... more
    • Dan — Pat, Fri Jan 12 12:18pm
      • And BTWPat, Fri Jan 12 12:28pm
        I have all of Mark's emails from back when I was helping him for almost a year. For some strange reason I got hacked and my emails from him, you and Mike were all removed. But surprise surprise I had ... more
        • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 12:40pm
          He posted your private emails....
          • Re: And BTWDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 12:53pm
            Chris, The horror! I quoted from an email someone sent me. I do not know what bubble you live under, but there is no such thing in the world we live in as a private email, especially an email... more
            • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 1:06pm
              If it's not illegal it's at the very least classless
              • classless, really? Are you a Marxist?Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 2:20pm
                Classless, really? Karl Marx would approve. And quoting the email from Kew was also Marxist, er, classless? I haven't have this much fun since I was in kindergarten. Best, Dan
                • You are a Marksist Chrisv, Fri Jan 12 2:38pm
                  Give marks good friend in Newfoundland a call and see what he says.. kindergarten? That makes sense. Wasting too much time on a yes or no question.
            • Dan Pat, Fri Jan 12 1:04pm
              Sure everyone does it right? And you did this morning in a slew of emails to everyone you know. But here's the rub. You sucked me in with kindness and sympathy and PROMISED not to tell anyone . So... more
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