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Daniel Buck
Re: And BTW
Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:53pm

The horror! I quoted from an email someone sent me.

I do not know what bubble you live under, but there is no such thing in the world we live in as a private email, especially an email containing the phrase: "You see I am not proud of some of the things I did to get these records and documents. I knew they were valuable and I TOOK them. From Webbers office, Museum, Lander courthouse etc. I hid the boxes in Glenna's basement for years."

Best, Dan

P.S. Re your earlier question about NPD care, might I recommend Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush.

  • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 12:40pm
    He posted your private emails....
    • Re: And BTW — Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 12:53pm
      • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 1:06pm
        If it's not illegal it's at the very least classless
        • classless, really? Are you a Marxist?Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 2:20pm
          Classless, really? Karl Marx would approve. And quoting the email from Kew was also Marxist, er, classless? I haven't have this much fun since I was in kindergarten. Best, Dan
          • You are a Marksist Chrisv, Fri Jan 12 2:38pm
            Give marks good friend in Newfoundland a call and see what he says.. kindergarten? That makes sense. Wasting too much time on a yes or no question.
      • Dan Pat, Fri Jan 12 1:04pm
        Sure everyone does it right? And you did this morning in a slew of emails to everyone you know. But here's the rub. You sucked me in with kindness and sympathy and PROMISED not to tell anyone . So... more
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