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Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:04pm

Sure everyone does it right? And you did this morning in a slew of emails to everyone you know. But here's the rub. You sucked me in with kindness and sympathy and PROMISED not to tell anyone . So your word is crap too. You lie all the time. Have no morals . But what can one expect from an Atheist.
And you have done a ton of things you're not proud of either. Like telling Roger McCord that if he tried to publish the SV files himself that Bolivia could come after him and deport him for having removed them illegally from their police archives . . So he gave them up to you to publish .

Now can we get back to Mark and what he did in UK at the Kew?

  • Re: And BTWDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 12:53pm
    Chris, The horror! I quoted from an email someone sent me. I do not know what bubble you live under, but there is no such thing in the world we live in as a private email, especially an email... more
    • Re: And BTWChrisv, Fri Jan 12 1:06pm
      If it's not illegal it's at the very least classless
      • classless, really? Are you a Marxist?Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 2:20pm
        Classless, really? Karl Marx would approve. And quoting the email from Kew was also Marxist, er, classless? I haven't have this much fun since I was in kindergarten. Best, Dan
        • You are a Marksist Chrisv, Fri Jan 12 2:38pm
          Give marks good friend in Newfoundland a call and see what he says.. kindergarten? That makes sense. Wasting too much time on a yes or no question.
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