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Daniel Buck
Re: Mostly of British import?
Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:14pm

yea, gaucho dress is a whole other universe. Lots of photo books on gaucho dress, tho gaucho central was really the pampas, not patagonia, which was not settled until the later 19th century & early 20th, & then mainly be Chileans, Welsh, Brits, and colonies of Boers, Italians, and so on. More common footwear with peons, which is what ranch hands were called, were alparagatas, a cloth, rope-soled sandal now au courant among millenial sprites in the US. The peons' betters wore boots.

The British (& French) influence on Argentine fashion was huge. You suggest a good question, was casimir really cashmere or simply slang for some other fabric? Do not know. Dan

  • Mostly of British import?Mark Mszanski, Fri Jan 12 1:48pm
    Dan - I suppose it may be hard to tell. I had wondered if the cashmere and or wool was of British import given the influx of Welsh farmers. It seems there was a game plan here or maybe we just want... more
    • Re: Mostly of British import? — Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 2:14pm
      • or Courde du Roi?Mark Mszanski, Fri Jan 12 3:58pm
        Dan - For the French settlers which as a direct french translation would be the Cloth of the King - A stretch - Pero seems to be maniacally focused on detail . Weird they chose red -or Yellow - Not... more
        • Re: or Courde du Roi?Daniel Buck, Fri Jan 12 5:07pm
          Mark, He's a good witness; eye for details. Also dark red is not a bright color, and yellow can cover vegetable hues, like English tweedy colors. More research required. Dan
          • Re: or Courde du Roi?Daniel Buck, Mon Jan 15 6:34am
            Mark, a Bolivian colleague suggested that yellow could be khaki, which was a fabric in style in the bandits' era for country/hunting/sport suits. Dan
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