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Vince Garcia
Re: Change of Subject, again - mugshots
Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:29am

No one ever took a profile shot for Butch or logan. Not everyone did take a profile shot of criminals. Logan's Deadwood photo is a good example--no thought of doing his profile. The frontal photo was adequate for the sheriff

Kilpatrick had a profile shot taken as i recall

  • Change of Subject, again - mugshotsJuha, Tue Jan 30 12:44am
    Seems to me often but perhaps not always also the profile mugshot was taken of the convict, Harry Tracy comes to mind. Is it so that if one was taken of Butch it's never been found? Were any... more
    • Re: Change of Subject, again - mugshotsDaniel Buck, Tue Jan 30 5:46am
      Juha, Mugshot practices varied, and side views in my recollection were more common with more organized agencies, such as large, more established prisons. Also, mugshot cards typically only had one... more
    • Re: Change of Subject, again - mugshots — Vince Garcia, Tue Jan 30 3:29am
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