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Vince Garcia
Re: Robbers Roost Women
Fri Feb 2, 2018 7:28am

Outstanding info, thanks bob. I don't know how I missed the discussion on Pocock if it was so recent

I would have to assume SD was most likely the other brother. I really never see Flatnose referred to as a Roberts, My best guess would be this took place about the time of the Great Horse Ride into Colorado when the two might have passed thru RR at some point, though. I can't place either there specifically in 1899,

Interestingly, though, a rancher just before Wilcox passed through the Roost and declared it abandoned and no longer in use by the gang.

  • Robbers Roost WomenBob Goodwin, Fri Feb 2 6:22am
    Vince, Dan and I discussed at length Roger Pocock, and whether he actually had any knowledge of Robbers Roost or not here on OWR back in late November. Dan's basic contention is that Pocock never... more
    • Re: Robbers Roost Women — Vince Garcia, Fri Feb 2 7:28am
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