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Vince Garcia
Etta Butch and Sundance's stay at the Fair
Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:30pm

This is what the hotel they probably stayed at inside the fairgrounds offered. From the back of the map guests could purchase. RIGHT CLICK on VIEW IMAGE, then expand it!

    • Colonel Statlers dream Mark Mszanski, Tue Feb 13 9:29pm
      Vince - Nice Find - Room rates varied form 1.50 to 5.50 a day . I noticed the concern for fire and protective features of the day - If SK and EP were staying there in 1904 - This was the big Hotel to ... more
      • Re: Colonel Statlers dream ChrisV, Wed Feb 14 4:59am
        Mark, You know what I wonder??? Did you see the signatures in person at Kew? Yes or No? Chris
      • Re: Colonel Statlers dream Vince Garcia, Wed Feb 14 2:59am
        That's what I was going to suggest. You like digging up signatures. I suspect the hotel registers MIGHT exist. there is a museum of the 1904 fair, and they might have a line on them. They would... more
        • HotelsBob Goodwin, Wed Feb 14 6:55am
          If you can afford it, you stay at the Grand Californian Hotel which is in the Park. Only pikers stay at the Disneyland Hotel. LOL
          • Re: HotelsVince Garcia, Wed Feb 14 11:12am
            What is the grand Californian hotel? But if it's in the park then you make my point. You stay in the hotel that is in the park. The Inside Inn was the only one in the park
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