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I'm Baaaaack!!!
Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:44pm

Since early December when I lost vision in my right eye it has been a horrible time. Could not be on PC and watch TV very little. Today got my new lenses and rt eye getting better. still not %100 percent.

Could not read the OWR and had occasionally wondered what was going on. Then I came back on today and see I did not miss one darn thing. It's like watching a horror rerun with ants crawling all over you and forced to eat okra.

Mark is still lying, Chris is still mentally ill and Dan is taking credit for parting the seas.

    • Re: I'm Baaaaack!!!Juha, Sat Feb 17 5:33am
      Welcome back, Pat. Good to see you're back to your old self.
      • 1/2 right Mike. I'm old. LOL (nm)Pat, Sat Feb 17 8:43am
        • Re: 1/2 right Mike. I'm old. LOL jim lynch, Sat Feb 17 9:21am
're not boring! And I think everyone on here knows that getting older is not for sissies.
        • Talking about MikeJuha, Sat Feb 17 9:20am
          Actually reminds me, I got a newsletter email from English Westerners Society and Mike Bell is giving a lecture on the Wild Bunch, unfortunately it is in London and me being in the north not... more
          • Meant Mac not MikePat, Sat Feb 17 10:00am
            Yes Mike gives the best lectures. He is factual for the most part and has tons of photos to show. I love him so much. I too wish I could see it but he does usually have a lot of it on his FB page .... more
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