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Talking about Mike
Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:20am

Actually reminds me, I got a newsletter email from English Westerners Society and Mike Bell is giving a lecture on the Wild Bunch, unfortunately it is in London and me being in the north not convenient for me. The topic will be "and then there were three - Wild Bunch saga continued."

Hopefully there will be a written paper for the members.

  • 1/2 right Mike. I'm old. LOL (nm)Pat, Sat Feb 17 8:43am
    • Talking about Mike — Juha, Sat Feb 17 9:20am
      • Meant Mac not MikePat, Sat Feb 17 10:00am
        Yes Mike gives the best lectures. He is factual for the most part and has tons of photos to show. I love him so much. I too wish I could see it but he does usually have a lot of it on his FB page .... more
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