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Vince Garcia
Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:24pm

Ok, that POS that shot up the High School is yet another punk with Autism. I will tell you right now, though they did not say it, he has Asperger's.

It is not a gun control Issue; it is an Asperger's/Autism issue. These mass killers are all, or most all, Autistic. I keep telling you, they have no empathy and do not care about the people they are killing. The victims simply have no value to them. If they did not use a rifle, they would use a pistol as was used before in one of these shootings. If not a pistol, some other weapon. Gun laws will not stop the Autistic. That is simply trying to deal with a symptom and not the root cause because Liberals do not want to face that it is a class of handicapped that are intrinsically dangerous, and since they can't "discriminate against the handicapped," they have to keep their heads in the sand rather than admit handicapped can pose a danger.

I, of course, being a Conservative WITH Asperger's, have no such prohibitions against calling them out because I know how much lack of empathy the Asperger's have, and don't care one iota that they are "handicapped people." I recognize some of them like this punk are a cancer and should be treated as such.

This is why I despise that THE GOOD DOCTOR show, that tries to make Autism/Asperger's look like a cool disease that can make you brilliant. That is an obscene distortion to hide the fact Asperger's can also make a kid a ticking time bomb.

No one should ever want to be an Asperger's.

Sad to say that when the next young person does a mass shooting, there is a good chance it will again be a kid/young adult with "Autism"

    • ??????????????Pat, Sat Feb 17 6:52pm
      No idea why you directed this at me. Also no idea what you are talking about. But good luck anyway.
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