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Ankle Bracelet
Fri Mar 2, 2018 3:57pm

Just trying to piece things together. I have HA Longabaugh in Santa Fe in early 1884. Not sure anyone else does?

  • Re: SK goes out West in 1884?Daniel Buck, Fri Mar 2 3:51pm
    Chris, Ernst (2009), chapter 3, has SK in SW Colorado, with the George Longenbaugh family, until 1886, based on family stories told decades later. He was not wearing an ankle monitor. Dan
    • Ankle Bracelet — ChrisV, Fri Mar 2 3:57pm
      • Re: Ankle BraceletDaniel Buck, Fri Mar 2 6:09pm
        And the evidence is what? Dan
        • it appeared like magicChrisV, Fri Mar 2 6:58pm
          Found a February 18, 1884 Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. Seems HA Longabough didnt pick up a letter at the post office. He was getting a final warning before they sent it back to the dead letter... more
          • Re: it appeared like magicDaniel Buck, Sat Mar 3 1:36am
            Chris. Excellent find. I'm sure he went there for the green chili. Dan
            • Re: it appeared like magicChrisV, Sat Mar 3 5:09am
              Thanks Dan. Las Cruces and Hatch have the best Green Chili. He would need to go further south for that. In all seriousness, this would have been part of the route he took to get to Cortez. Which... more
              • Re: it appeared like magicDaniel Buck, Sat Mar 3 6:34am
                Chris, There are huge blanks to fill. He heads west 30 August 1882, per Samanna Longabaugh. Has a letter waiting for him in Santa Fe per the New Mexican, 14 February 1884 (you did mean 1884, correct? ... more
                • Re: it appeared like magicChrisv, Sat Mar 3 6:48am
                  1884 Correct...but the notice came Feb. 14 1884, which makes me think the PO has been sitting on the letter for a while to go to the effort of putting a notice in the paper. It would be six weeks... more
                  • Re: it appeared like magicVince Garcia, Sat Mar 3 6:10pm
                    Bob has pointed out he had a relative in NM so you can certainly make the point this was him, though the name is obviously not perfect. Close enough tho
                    • Re: it appeared like magicDaniel Buck, Sun Mar 4 6:47am
                      Vince, Not only was Harry A. Longabaugh's last name spelled erratically by inattentive newspaper typesetters, the family members themselves spelled their family name differently, e.g., Longabaugh and ... more
                  • Re: it appeared like magicDaniel Buck, Sat Mar 3 6:51am
                    Chris, Yes, good surmise. Doubtful range cowboys were expected to come by every day to pick up their mail. Dan PS Can you send me a screenshot of the 1884 clip? Thanks.
      • Re: Ankle BraceletVince Garcia, Fri Mar 2 5:09pm
        I don't deal w/their timelines in depth before 1890, but that sounds awfully early for him to be down there...
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