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Daniel Buck
re: Roger Pocock's adventurous ride - A Response
Tue Mar 6, 2018 5:54am


What I wrote was this: "It does appear that Pocock actually made the journey. In late November 1899, New Mexico newspapers reported him being found lost and starving near Deming. In late January 1900, Mexico City newspapers reported his arrival in that city. Nonetheless, he did exaggerate his adventures along the way, implying for example that he had entered the inner sanctum of Robbers Roost in Utah and conversed with outlaws such as Butch Cassidy and Tom McCarty."

He did exaggerate his adventures along the way. That is I think beyond doubt.

Separate question: Can he be trusted as a source? No and yes. It all depends. In some cases no; in other cases yes. Read with care would probably be the best advice.

The true, granular account of his ride probably awaits a researcher willing to trawl the Roger Pocock papers at the University of Alberta and other repositories. In the meantime, whatever he suggested in his book, he did not penetrate Robbers Roost nor sip latte with Butch Cassidy and Tom McCarty. Dan

  • re: Roger Pocock's adventurous ride - A ResponseBob Goodwin, Tue Mar 6 5:36am
    Dan, You obfuscate the true purpose of your initial post, that is: Since Roger Pocock did not actually get to Robbers Roost, as a casual reading of his works might suggest, then what he wrote,... more
    • re: Roger Pocock's adventurous ride - A Response — Daniel Buck, Tue Mar 6 5:54am
      • re; Roger Pocock etc.Bob Goodwin, Wed Mar 7 12:40pm
        Dan, The bigger question is how much can Roger Pocock be trusted. Yes, he exaggerated, but he does not seem to invent his stories. They are based on core facts, not inventions. He also editorializes. ... more
        • Re: re; Roger Pocock etc.Daniel Buck, Wed Mar 7 2:30pm
          Bob, I'm not sure there is much disagreement between us -- especially because we are both skeptical & attentive (you even more than I on the latter score) readers. That said, three thoughts. His book ... more
        • PocokBob Goodwin, Wed Mar 7 12:44pm
          The bottom line is that I think he can be trusted, in general, you just have to know when he is trying to pull your Calavaras County leg.
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