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jim lynch
Digging up bones
Tue Mar 6, 2018 11:30am

The song, not in SA. But my question does go back a couple of years to 1905 to an Mrs E. Place on the ship Seguranca. In the discussion on her back then it was said that she was not Etta because: 1. she was married to a James S Place, b. in Pa but lived in Orange NJ. Well in the 1910 C. he is there with his parents, single and age 22. Obviously not Mrs E. Place's hubby. 2. the ship Seguranca had come from Colon, Panama. Pat said that previously the ship had been in San Francisco where some passengers were picked up, and then down to Panama before coming on to Jamaica. I forget when the Canal was opened to traffic, but I think it was about 1913, not 1905. So the Seguranca would have had to go the long way around. Possible but not likely. I also seem to remember that people from the Pacific side could take a railroad across Panama and pick up a ship on the other side to continue on the Atlantic side. In the 1905 passenger list just below Mrs E. Place was a young man D. Salas, that came from Chile, how would he have got to Colon?

    • Re: Digging up bonesDaniel Buck, Tue Mar 6 12:20pm
      Jim, you might have answered your own question. The cross-Panama RR dates to the 1850s or so. All we know is that Salas was from Valparaiso, Chile, and that the Seguranca was sailing from Colon.... more
      • JimPat, Tue Mar 6 12:29pm
        I have not had my ancestry for some time where I stored a lot of this stuff. And my memory is not what it used to be. But I remember that there is much more info on this Mrs . E.Place wife of James.... more
        • Dan & Patjim lynch, Tue Mar 6 6:59pm
          My point in rehashing this is that what was once so cut and dried(not Etta), may not be so cut and dried now. Since Etta is the only one of the WB I'm interested in, I do a lot of checking on... more
          • re:Bob Goodwin, Wed Mar 7 7:21am
            Jim, I was the one who initially found the E. Place record. I passed it on to Donna, who then had her researcher troll back over the information before she published it. Both Dan and Pat were... more
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