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Daniel Buck
Re: Excellent
Tue Mar 6, 2018 11:41am


If you've read anything we (I &/or Anne Meadows) have written you would know that we discussed & weighed Percy Seibert's stories & exaggerations on a number of occasions, and as well those of James Horan. The hard part, a point Bob & I agree on, is sifting chaff & wheat, noise & signal. Somethings Pocock made up; other things he did not. He made up the Robbers Roost visit, but not the ride itself.

Thus the premise of your rhetorical question is incorrect.

As well, one might be skeptical about stories supposedly told by Percy Seibert's granddaughter in part because they are refracted through a known troll and prankster.

By the way, if you read Seibert's own comments when he was interviewed, you will see that he gives Rolla Clement Glass credit for his role in employing BC&SK -- e.g., p. 33 of Arthur Chapman's article. Unfortunately, Seibert's Boswell's were Chapman and James Horan, both given themselves to exaggerations and purple prose. Between the three of them much of the story got bollixed and exaggerated. But there are nuggets of truth to be found.

As for what you describe as "all the Rollo [sic] Glass papers and letters" that Seibert brought home with him, only three letters have come to lilght, one addressed to Seibert, one generally to "The Boys at Concordia," and one to Glass, who had died in January 1909. There was also a scrapbook of sorts, with some Bolivian newspaper clippings, of uncertain parentage.

Regardless, if Seibert had not brought the three letters and the scrapbook home they would have undoubtedly been tossed, which was the fate of most if not all of the other documents from the Concordia mine. We owe Seibert a debt of gratitude. Dan

  • Excellent Pat, Tue Mar 6 9:21am
    I enjoyed your version very much. If I may make an observation here and hope I say it right. You and I live in these western lands ,Utah and Wyoming , where people from the east may not understand... more
    • Re: Excellent — Daniel Buck, Tue Mar 6 11:41am
      • I do read. Pat, Tue Mar 6 12:42pm
        But I read more than just your little book that got so much wrong. I have emails and phone calls from Percy's granddaughter and great granddaughter which back up what I said. I do know she was very... more
        • PSPat, Tue Mar 6 12:48pm
          In the huge file on Rollo Glass (over 350 pages) that I gave to Mike is a lot of info you have left out. Percy went to La Paz and emptied out Rollo's office of all papers. That is where the... more
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