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I do read.
Tue Mar 6, 2018 12:42pm

But I read more than just your little book that got so much wrong. I have emails and phone calls from Percy's granddaughter and great granddaughter which back up what I said. I do know she was very upset with you constantly calling her and said she was going to get a lawyer to make you stop. So if her info is not correct then why were you calling her?

I am tired and don't want to keep fighting with you. After all you the Great Liberal in DC should respect that others have a right to their own opinions . So go ahead and call me names, bully me, treat me badly. In the end it means nothing except that you are scared like others in DC by what may be found out.


  • Re: Excellent Daniel Buck, Tue Mar 6 11:41am
    Pat, If you've read anything we (I &/or Anne Meadows) have written you would know that we discussed & weighed Percy Seibert's stories & exaggerations on a number of occasions, and as well those of... more
    • I do read. — Pat, Tue Mar 6 12:42pm
      • PSPat, Tue Mar 6 12:48pm
        In the huge file on Rollo Glass (over 350 pages) that I gave to Mike is a lot of info you have left out. Percy went to La Paz and emptied out Rollo's office of all papers. That is where the... more
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