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Bob Goodwin
Wed Mar 7, 2018 7:21am

Jim, I was the one who initially found the E. Place record. I passed it on to Donna, who then had her researcher troll back over the information before she published it. Both Dan and Pat were essentially right. To travel from Chili to New York, a common route rather than sailing around the horn, was to sail to Panama, take the cross isthmus train, and board a ship at Colon to New York.

Pat is also correct, E. Place can been found on several ships lists coming back into New York and Philadelphia from places like Panama, Jamaica, Cuba, etc. I am not sure who her husband was, I would have to look that up, possibly James. The point is, I determined, after I sent the information to Donna that she was not Etta. I sent that information to her also, but apparerntley she ignored it..

  • Dan & Patjim lynch, Tue Mar 6 6:59pm
    My point in rehashing this is that what was once so cut and dried(not Etta), may not be so cut and dried now. Since Etta is the only one of the WB I'm interested in, I do a lot of checking on... more
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