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Bob Goodwin
Wed Mar 7, 2018 12:44pm

The bottom line is that I think he can be trusted, in general, you just have to know when he is trying to pull your Calavaras County leg.

  • re; Roger Pocock etc.Bob Goodwin, Wed Mar 7 12:40pm
    Dan, The bigger question is how much can Roger Pocock be trusted. Yes, he exaggerated, but he does not seem to invent his stories. They are based on core facts, not inventions. He also editorializes. ... more
    • Re: re; Roger Pocock etc.Daniel Buck, Wed Mar 7 2:30pm
      Bob, I'm not sure there is much disagreement between us -- especially because we are both skeptical & attentive (you even more than I on the latter score) readers. That said, three thoughts. His book ... more
    • Pocok — Bob Goodwin, Wed Mar 7 12:44pm
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