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Found it
Wed Mar 7, 2018 2:33pm

Lucky, found it right away. In a July 27, 1901 newspaper, The Missoulian. It says in 1884 he was involved in a cattle fight in Springer, New Mexico. Maybe there is something to this.....Im sending you a pic of the article.

  • more 1884 infoDaniel Buck, Wed Mar 7 8:48am
    Chris, a colleague reminded me this morning that Edward M. Kirby (1983), pp. 29, mentions a 1901 (no specfic date) Great Falls (MT) Tribune article that "said that Harry was involved in a cattle... more
    • Found it — ChrisV, Wed Mar 7 2:33pm
      • Re: Found itDaniel Buck, Wed Mar 7 4:44pm
        Chris, Thanks. So it was 27 July 1901, not one of the splash of stories written late in the year when Ben Kilpatrick was arrested & mistaken for Harry Longabaugh. What was the context; what prompted... more
        • Re: Found itChrisV, Wed Mar 7 5:29pm
          I believe it came out right after the Wagner Robbery. I didnt read the whole article, but Ill go back and look.
          • Re: Found itDaniel Buck, Thu Mar 8 9:46am
            Chris, a colleague pointed me to two separate but sort of related affrays in 1884 New Mexico, both involving John B. Slaughter cowboys and, among others those of Solomon Luna, an important sheep... more
            • John H. Slaughter, not John B. (nm)Daniel Buck, Thu Mar 8 11:09am
              • correction of correctionDaniel Buck, Thu Mar 8 2:04pm
                John Bunyan Slaughter (1848-1928) had the feud with Solomon Luna. John Horton Slaughter (1841-1922) was a different rancher altogether, but he knew John Chisum. The 1901 Montana newspaper article... more
                • Re: correction of correctionChrisV, Thu Mar 8 2:23pm
                  • Re: correction of correctionDaniel Buck, Thu Mar 8 6:31pm
                    Chris, we now enter the complications abound portion of the program. Another colleague suggested that perhaps the 1901 Montana story was referring to a series of violent incidents in Springer, NM, in ... more
                    • Re: correction of correctionChrisV, Thu Mar 8 6:39pm
                      Hmmm. I guess its certainly possible. I spent quite a bit of time looking in NM 1883 and 1884 newspaper stories trying to find anything that might help. Found nothing as of yet.
          • Re: Found itDaniel Buck, Thu Mar 8 2:33am
            Chris, Chronicling has two iterations of the story, Rosebud County News, 25 July 1901, and Kalispell Bee, 22 July 1901. Search Springer + Lusk . SK's name is spelled Longbaugh. The... more
            • SpectacularPat, Thu Mar 8 8:27am
              Dan after all these years of my researching you have connected all the dots for me. The fight was not with Chisum . And it now appears Tom Capehart could be Longabaugh. This is a huge story and too... more
              • Re: SpectacularChrisV, Thu Mar 8 2:31pm
                Hopefully there is more to this story than the bathroom floor story.
                • ChrisPat, Thu Mar 8 3:19pm
                  There is a huge story and it has partially been told already from my research by Bell. Plus I have worked with Bob on it for years. You don't need to be snide about the bathroom thing. Whether Dan... more
                  • Re: ChrisChrisV, Thu Mar 8 5:24pm
                    Feel free to use my find, but give me credit.
                    • NaivePat, Fri Mar 9 7:08am
                      Chris not being mean but you are so new to all this. First of all I am not writing anything where I would use it. Others will though. They will simply refer to the article and cite the newspaper not... more
    • Re: more 1884 infoChrisV, Wed Mar 7 2:22pm
      Thanks Dan. Ill have to look into that. Ill see what I can do thanks : best, Chris
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