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Daniel Buck
Re: Brown Waller
Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:39pm

Thanks. What a story. He must have spent every waking minute researching because if his acknowledgements are to be believed, he visited more than 20 libraries, historical societies, and archives, in among other states California, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee. Dan

  • Brown WallerBob Goodwin, Sat Mar 17 4:32pm
    If the "New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors" is to be has Brown Waller as a pseudonym of Waller Brown Fraser, with birth date of 29 April 1905. If this is correct then he was... more
    • Re: Brown WallerDaniel Buck, Sat Mar 17 6:08pm
      Bob, where oh where did you fish out the part about Fraser going bonkers in his dotage? That was some serious angling. Dan
      • re: Brown WallerBob Goodwin, Sat Mar 17 9:27pm
        The Tampa Tribune 20 Oct 1973, The Tribune also has his death notice 6 Jan 1974. Walter wrote a thesis at the University of Tennessee for his Master degree in 1930. It was titled "The Political... more
    • Re: Brown Waller — Daniel Buck, Sat Mar 17 5:39pm
      • re: Brown WallerBob Goodwin, Sun Mar 18 9:35am
        Dan, We have to remember when Brown Waller wrote his manuscript (before 1966) internet research was non-existent and research in major libraries was more limited than what we have today. He just... more
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