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Sherrif Longabaugh of AZ
Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:30am

Could be a relation to SK?

    • John LongabaughBob Goodwin, Tue Mar 20 10:36am
      Related the same as Harry was related to both George and David of Cortez Colorado. John Longabaugh Sheriff of Cochise County Arizona was 3rd Cousin to Harry A. Longabaugh. He was 1st cousin to George ... more
      • Good G2 BobMark Mszanski, Wed Mar 21 5:53am
        Following the trail of Friends and Family can always lead to other subjects. Sincerely,
        • Yes or No Mark?ChrisV, Wed Mar 21 7:14am
          Ready to answer and put this behind us? Did you see the documents in person in Kew yes or no? best, Chris
          • I of course have to keep you guessing Mark Mszanski, Wed Mar 21 9:56pm
            • Not ProfessionalChrisV, Thu Mar 22 5:46am
              Im glad real researchers dont act as dishonest and childish as you. Why dont you step up and answer the question.
              • Not professional??Daniel Buck, Thu Mar 22 6:42am
                Chris, After you established that the Herminius crew list was at Kew and not Newfoundland, which was a good correction, you went completely off the rails by insinuating that Mark's entire article was ... more
                • Mark*ChrisV, Thu Mar 22 6:52am
                  Dan, Mark* has not answered the question. We would love to leave it alone. But, Brett and I, will not, until he answers the question. That is up to him. The answer is a simple yes or no. Not a... more
                  • Re: Mark*Daniel Buck, Thu Mar 22 7:55am
                    "Brett and I"? So now we've got two hecklers? OWR is blessed. Why don't you and Brett threaten to hold your breath, or stop eating, or refuse to clean up your room. That's how it normally works with... more
      • makes you wonderChrisV, Tue Mar 20 11:14am
        Makes you wonder if he didnt help young Harry early on.
      • Oops I meant Pima County, not Cochise (nm)Bob Goodwin, Tue Mar 20 10:37am
    • Re: Sherrif Longabaugh of AZDaniel Buck, Tue Mar 20 8:12am
      Chris, 1880s Pima County sheriff John Longabaugh? No evidence I'm aware of one way or the other. Even though Longabaugh might strike us as an uncommon name, coughs up more than 11,000... more
      • Re: Sherrif Longabaugh of AZChrisV, Tue Mar 20 8:19am
        Yep. Thats the one. Near Tucson. He would have been sheriff same time SK was in NM.... 1884. From what I gathered, John (if its the same guy) moved to CA and died in 1897
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