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Mark Mszanski
Texas Specialist
Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:01am


Who is the Texas based woman who has not met a photo she has not verified ? I cannot recall her name but know she was on a series we spoke of - I believe the series was strange inheritance.



  • Re: Jesse James -- a plague of expertsDaniel Buck, Thu Mar 22 2:02am
    Correction, I misunderstood what Eric James told me about the photo with which the eBay JJ was being compared. It is presumed to be JJ, but he would not vouch for that conclusion. Regardless, the... more
    • Texas Specialist — Mark Mszanski, Thu Mar 22 6:01am
      • Re: Texas Specialist Daniel Buck, Thu Mar 22 6:13am
        Mark, The three people who have seemingly never met an Old West photo they would not authenticate are Lois Gibson (TX), Kent Gibson (CA), and Will Dunniway (CA). Between them they are something like... more
        • Bingo - Thanks - Mark Mszanski, Thu Mar 22 9:09pm
          I believe she was on a show recently verifying a Jesse James Photo that was more like a Jim Morrison form the Doors photo . thanks -
      • Her Name is Answer the QuestionChrisV, Thu Mar 22 6:05am
        Did you personally see the docs in Kew? Yes or No?
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