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correction on Winters Murder
Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:28am

Not up on guns. 30-40 wouldn't mean two different shooters. Just one type of bullet. However, according to a July 30, 1901 anaconda std. Two sets of footprints were found in the pigpen where the casings were found...a size 10 and size 7. So more than likely two shooters anyway.

Also, looking through newspapers right after the shooting, it appears Winters had quite a few enemies in the area. Including death threats about helping the posse, which he did. I doubt it was Logan and Co.

  • Obstruction, Thefts, and Murder After WagnerChrisV, Tue Mar 27 9:35am
    Immediately after the Great Northern train hold-up other illegal activities occur in the area. Some have not been discussed that I know of, others have, but donít make sense. I think there were more... more
    • correction on Winters Murder — ChrisV, Tue Mar 27 11:28am
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