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Vince Garcia
Re: Really?
Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:37pm

i don't have anne' book handy but the descriptions as i recall fundamentally sound like them, SD having gained weight.

Now anecdotally you have tales of people allegedly seeing photos of the bodies and IDing Tom Dille as one of the robbers and such, but excluding things like that, we do have them disappearing at the point in time (we can argue Butch somewhat but not really SD), the descriptions seem (as i recall) acceptable to them, so the best evidence is that it WAS them. Not conclusive but the scale still tips that way

  • Really?ChrisV, Sat Mar 31 7:22am
    Vince, I guess the inquest is open to some interpretation, but what makes you think it was them? Their description does not make me think it was them. best, Chris
    • Re: Really? — Vince Garcia, Sat Mar 31 12:37pm
      • Re: Really?ChrisV, Sat Mar 31 2:26pm
        Hi Vince, I too am not able to pull my files out. If I recall correctly, one of the bodies was a short ugly guy. The other, was a tall guy. Which one was Butch and which one was SK exactly? Werent... more
        • Re: Really?Vince Garcia, Sat Mar 31 4:28pm
          I don't remember one being short or described as "ugly" in the docs. Give Bob some time to see this and he will post the descriptions, I'll bet
          • DescriptionsBob Goodwin, Sun Apr 1 7:15am
            Anne Meadows "Digging Up Butch & Sundance"" 1996 revised edition. pages 278-280 Anne provided two nice charts that summarized the descriptions of each as described by the various witnesses: Shorter... more
            • Turned up NosesChrisV, Tue Apr 3 6:18pm
              Bob, Both appear to have turned up noses in their description. Butch didnt and Sundance had a Roman nose. Not seeing how any of this would make you say that is the outlaws. Can you please explain?... more
            • It doesn't matterPat, Mon Apr 2 6:39am
              No matter how much Dan or anyone esle writes or promotes the myths or theories, or how much their friends promote, it is still lies. The truth is that is no bodies. None were identified. And in fact... more
              • Multiple ButchsBob Goodwin, Mon Apr 2 7:09am
                Pat, Only four? :) There was only one real Butch, and that was Bob Parker, that that being said, the term "Butch Cassidy" by 1900 was already being used as much as a title than as an actual name.... more
                • BobPat, Mon Apr 2 7:39am
                  I was referring to the actually 4 men arrested in the area of SV at time of of robbery.. One A.G.Francris identified was Butch.He was let go.
            • Re: DescriptionsVince Garcia, Mon Apr 2 2:55am
              OK, it does describe Butch as "a bit ugly" Strange thing to say about him as he was good looking so I see Chris' point on that. Not sure how they are defining the word "ugly" (how that word, whatever ... more
            • Thanks for helping BobChrisV, Sun Apr 1 8:35am
              thanks Bob. In Birdseye or I would have looked it up. That is the description I remember. What makes people think that description describes Butch and Sundance? They are within one inch of each other ... more
              • Re: Thanks for helping BobVince Garcia, Mon Apr 2 5:57am
                SD putting on weight would be perfectly appropriate for an alcoholic letting himself go, which he seemed to be doing
                • Re: Thanks for helping BobChrisV, Mon Apr 2 6:16am
                  The weight is possible. However, what about the height? A one inch difference is barely noticeable. You certainly would not use the terms like the "short one" "tall one" for that small of difference. ... more
                  • The height thingBob Goodwin, Mon Apr 2 6:41am
                    Butch was described in various descriptions as being 5' 8" to 5' 9" Sundance was described in various descriptions as being anywhere from 5' 9" all the way to 6' So their height difference would be... more
                    • Re: The height thingDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 2 8:40am
                      Bob, You saved me from having to trawl through all the BC&SK height references. All I can add is that we are not sure how the various heights were arrived at: guesstimates, measurements, shoes/boots... more
                    • Re: The height thingChrisV, Mon Apr 2 6:57am
                      Look at the Fort Worth five photo. Butch and SK are both sitting up straight. Both about same height. Granted, that doesn't take into account the length of their legs. One could be short/long legged. ... more
                    • Re: The height thingChrisV, Mon Apr 2 6:51am
                      Ive only seen a one inch difference. Butch one inch shorter. I believe it is on all of the Pinkerton descriptions. What source says SK height is 6 foot? Neither had a upturn nose. Neither was ugly.... more
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