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Karen Tanner
Mon Apr 2, 2018 6:46am

How sad read about Karen's death. 3 before before my stroke.

In her book she relates how Gorge Musgrave and Jana both saw Butch in 1913 in Mexico

    • Re: Karen TannerDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 2 10:24am
      Pat, Even though both Karen Holliday Tanner & John D. Tanner, Jr. are now deceased, their book, Last of the Old Time Outlaws: The George West Musgrave Story, lives on and everyone can read it for... more
      • Re: Karen TannerPat, Mon Apr 2 11:04am
        If you keep going you will outlive us all .So then no one will be able to dispute you. Karen, Pointer, Jack, Me .
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