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Daniel Buck
bogus BC&SK wanted posters & bogus photos
Tue Apr 3, 2018 6:33am

From the Dakota Plains Auction catalog -- auction 28 April 2018 -- item156, p. 31.

Have never seen these before (they apparently came from the Gary Helin collection) & even though the resolution of the catalog image is poor, from what I can make out, I'd say definitely bogus.

The Wanted Dead or Alive headline is a giveaway (don't think a single wanted circular outside of the fakes sold in tourist shops or displayed in movies used the phrase "Wanted Dead or Alive). The right-side poster gives Cassidy's name as Robert Leroy Parker, which was not public knowledge until the 1960s or so. (Was not Pearl Baker's The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost, 1965, the first to so identify him?)

Don't know who the photos are supposed to represent, but they are not Cassidy and Sundance. Finally, the mention of a "Elta [sic] Place spur trigger revolver" is one bridge to far.

I suspect someone's enterprising grandpa confected the posters, frame, badge, etc., in his basement workshop as a prank.

On the plus side, the auctioneer acknowledges that "99% of reward posters" offered for sale are "fake" -- true that -- and allows the winning bidder a "30 day inspection" period. Dan

    • FunnyPat, Tue Apr 3 8:03am
      What difference does it make. The Cholila tea party is fake too as it does not show Butch .LOL
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