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Mules at San Vicente
Mon Apr 9, 2018 6:12am

Why would Butch and Sundance use mules as transportation to San Vicente? After all the years of having horses saddled, ready to go at a moments notice for a quick get away, they decide to use mules in this circumstance. Hmmmm

Ill tell you why. Its because it wasnt them. It was two stupid guys who didnt know what they were doing.

BTW Dan. Pat was partially right about them being Spaniards. They were described as Spanish rubios, which we both know what that means. Why was there skin not brown from the sun as BUtch and SK have been described?

    • Re: Mules at San VicenteDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 10:58am
      Chris, Cassidy and Sundance rode mules in the Bolivian Andes because they are more sure-footed in mountainous terrain and have stronger stamina than horses, especially at higher altitudes. They... more
      • Dan Pat, Mon Apr 9 2:18pm
        Don't forget about Cassidy in 1889 described as a Muleteer in Telludide.
        • Mules and even BurrosBob Goodwin, Tue Apr 10 6:55am
          Butch had plenty of experience with Mules. Actually, when younger Butch was known to have raced just about anything with four legs. I have references of him racing Mules, and even Burros. While in... more
          • Re: Mules and even BurrosChrisV, Tue Apr 10 7:42am
            Thats nice information Bob. Im not saying he didnt have experience with mules. What I am saying is a mule is not the right tool for a getaway. Did Butch use mules at Castlegate, Wilcox, Wagner,... more
            • Chris Pat, Tue Apr 10 9:52am
              You don't know the first clue about any of this do you? The robbery was in a out of the way place and not near a town.
        • Re: Dan Daniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:39pm
          Pat, Thanks. I did forget that. Mules were a big deal in the American West. They didn't t many walk-on parts in the movies because they're not as sexy as horses, but they were important. Dan PS I'm... more
      • Re: Mules at San VicenteChrisV, Mon Apr 9 2:13pm
        Dan, I understand mules are perfect for many things. However, in a getaway situation I would want something to move faster like a horse. If a horseís endurance isnít as good as a mule, a smart robber ... more
        • coulda,woulda, shoulaDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:30pm
          Chris, Your approach is how it would have been if you had been been in charge: It would not have worked out the way it supposedly did because you would have been smarter and it would have worked out... more
          • Re: coulda,woulda, shoulaChrisV, Mon Apr 9 3:29pm
            What Im trying to get at, is Butch and SK never did it this way. Its not their style. There is still nothing that points to it being them, in fact quite the opposite Another member used the Bonnie... more
    • Re: Mules at San VicenteJuha, Mon Apr 9 7:03am
      Because mules are very good if not better in rough rocky and hilly terrain. Nothing stupid using a mule, think Tom Horn and General Crook. Didn't they also have an automatic pistol and binoculars?... more
      • Re: Mules at San VicenteChrisV, Mon Apr 9 7:30am
        The terrain is not that much different than they would have experienced back in the states other than a higher elevation. Horses would be more than capable and be an advantage over mules. After the... more
        • Why didn'tjim lynch, Mon Apr 9 8:54am
          Bonnie and Clyde drive a tank instead of that old Ford. They should have known Hamer and his murder squad were there waiting for them.
          • Re: Why didn'tChrisv, Mon Apr 9 9:03am
            Why didnt Sundance stop correspondence with Samanna after San Vicente? After all, he's supposed to be dead. Quite a trick.
            • You are confused today ChrisPat, Mon Apr 9 9:16am
              This is why you need to go to Bolivia . Or at least studied the subject.All the mine's in the area used mules as they were must stronger in that elevation plus had more wind /lung power. Hudgeon's... more
              • Re: You are confused today ChrisVince Garcia, Tue Apr 10 5:54am
                Not only that, but you need small mules ideally at the higher elevations. Large ones wear out quick
                • mule never knowDaniel Buck, Tue Apr 10 11:52am
                  Now, here's something. Normally, when a question is raised or an assumption made I like to go back to the beginning and double-check the basic facts, following the two-fisted mantra, what is it, and... more
                  • Re: mule never knowVince Garcia, Tue Apr 10 4:52pm
                    The bottom line is, horses are not the best beasts in the high Andes. One might even argue a llama is better than a mule in some instances because they are fine in the mountains but have a better... more
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