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jim lynch
Why didn't
Mon Apr 9, 2018 8:54am

Bonnie and Clyde drive a tank instead of that old Ford. They should have known Hamer and his murder squad were there waiting for them.

  • Re: Mules at San VicenteChrisV, Mon Apr 9 7:30am
    The terrain is not that much different than they would have experienced back in the states other than a higher elevation. Horses would be more than capable and be an advantage over mules. After the... more
    • Why didn't — jim lynch, Mon Apr 9 8:54am
      • Re: Why didn'tChrisv, Mon Apr 9 9:03am
        Why didnt Sundance stop correspondence with Samanna after San Vicente? After all, he's supposed to be dead. Quite a trick.
        • You are confused today ChrisPat, Mon Apr 9 9:16am
          This is why you need to go to Bolivia . Or at least studied the subject.All the mine's in the area used mules as they were must stronger in that elevation plus had more wind /lung power. Hudgeon's... more
          • Re: You are confused today ChrisVince Garcia, Tue Apr 10 5:54am
            Not only that, but you need small mules ideally at the higher elevations. Large ones wear out quick
            • mule never knowDaniel Buck, Tue Apr 10 11:52am
              Now, here's something. Normally, when a question is raised or an assumption made I like to go back to the beginning and double-check the basic facts, following the two-fisted mantra, what is it, and... more
              • Re: mule never knowVince Garcia, Tue Apr 10 4:52pm
                The bottom line is, horses are not the best beasts in the high Andes. One might even argue a llama is better than a mule in some instances because they are fine in the mountains but have a better... more
                • Re: mule never knowChrisV, Tue Apr 10 6:55pm
                  Vince most of your comments I respect But if your suggesting a llama being used as a mount after a robbery you've come unhinged. Maybe we should try armadillo riding too.
                  • Re: mule never knowVince Garcia, Wed Apr 11 3:14am
                    I'm talking about burden beasts in the Andes in general, not by Butch and SD after a robbery. Llamas are native to the place and most acclimated to functioning in the high mountains, and have a good... more
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