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Re: Mules at San Vicente
Mon Apr 9, 2018 2:13pm

I understand mules are perfect for many things. However, in a getaway situation I would want something to move faster like a horse. If a horse’s endurance isn’t as good as a mule, a smart robber would stage horses every ten miles or so. Kind of like the Wild Bunch did in the United States. Oh wait, these robbers were never members of the Wild Bunch and did not even think of using this effective and proven technique.

A mule’s top average speed is 15 MPH. A horse’s average top speed is 25-30. Maybe that’s why the Bolivian Calvary rode horses and not mules in their country. A smart robber knowing that every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Bolivia was riding a mule, would want to take advantage of their slowness and ride horses. Leaving the pursuers virtually in the dust as they are moving twice as fast. Again, if the endurance ran low, a new relay of horses would be waiting. Speed is of the essence in a robbery. Again, Butch and SK would have planned this out.

The cadavers of San Vicente chose not to think things through. They chose to stop in San Vicente a few days after the robbery, knowing they were being pursued. “Lets stop here and have some beer and sardines” says short, ugly, upturned nose, guy.
“What a great idea. Lets leave our rifles outside the door. Im sure we are safe.” Says handsome, tall, fat, upturned nose guy.
Fast forward to the shootout with three Bolivian officials. Wounded in the arms, the robbers commit a murder/suicide instead while still having plenty of ammo to shoot it out. Doesn’t sound like Butch and Sundance. Sounds like a couple cowards that panicked at the first sounds of gunshots. They also did not try and escape. Escape by horse seemed to be the number one priority all of the years Butch and SK were in SA. Horses were always saddled and ready to go at a moments notice according to eyewitnesses. These dead men were not experienced criminals.

I have not seen anywhere that it mentions one was a Spaniard, only that they are Spaniard rubio. I did find a November 4, 1908 telegram claims one of the robbers was white and one was Chilean. Pg 212 Betenson.
I do not think Butch and Sundance would be described as fair skinned. I would think both would be brown and hardened from the sun, as previous eyewitnesses had mentioned. You’re from back east Dan, not too many cowboys out your way in DC. Out here, you can tell a man whose working a ranch or farm not only from his clothing, but also from their arms, face, and neck. They are dark brown and their skin is damaged from the sun, almost to a leather. Even in the winter time, most stay fairly tan. If you think a cowboy hat keeps the sun damage off a guy that’s outside all day, your pretty naïve.

BTW I will say that the “last known photograph” of Butch and Sundance has them on mules. Sadly, it could be anyone in the photo and has nothing to do with the robbery. Also the Boys to Concordia letter mentions Butch having mules. Only problem is, its probably fake and even if real has nothing to do with the robbery.

  • Re: Mules at San VicenteDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 10:58am
    Chris, Cassidy and Sundance rode mules in the Bolivian Andes because they are more sure-footed in mountainous terrain and have stronger stamina than horses, especially at higher altitudes. They... more
    • Dan Pat, Mon Apr 9 2:18pm
      Don't forget about Cassidy in 1889 described as a Muleteer in Telludide.
      • Mules and even BurrosBob Goodwin, Tue Apr 10 6:55am
        Butch had plenty of experience with Mules. Actually, when younger Butch was known to have raced just about anything with four legs. I have references of him racing Mules, and even Burros. While in... more
        • Re: Mules and even BurrosChrisV, Tue Apr 10 7:42am
          Thats nice information Bob. Im not saying he didnt have experience with mules. What I am saying is a mule is not the right tool for a getaway. Did Butch use mules at Castlegate, Wilcox, Wagner,... more
          • Chris Pat, Tue Apr 10 9:52am
            You don't know the first clue about any of this do you? The robbery was in a out of the way place and not near a town.
      • Re: Dan Daniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:39pm
        Pat, Thanks. I did forget that. Mules were a big deal in the American West. They didn't t many walk-on parts in the movies because they're not as sexy as horses, but they were important. Dan PS I'm... more
    • Re: Mules at San Vicente — ChrisV, Mon Apr 9 2:13pm
      • coulda,woulda, shoulaDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:30pm
        Chris, Your approach is how it would have been if you had been been in charge: It would not have worked out the way it supposedly did because you would have been smarter and it would have worked out... more
        • Re: coulda,woulda, shoulaChrisV, Mon Apr 9 3:29pm
          What Im trying to get at, is Butch and SK never did it this way. Its not their style. There is still nothing that points to it being them, in fact quite the opposite Another member used the Bonnie... more
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