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Daniel Buck
coulda,woulda, shoula
Mon Apr 9, 2018 2:30pm

Your approach is how it would have been if you had been been in charge: It would not have worked out the way it supposedly did because you would have been smarter and it would have worked out differently.

History doesn't work unfold that way. History is what happened, not coulda, woulda, shoulda happened.

All of the major Wild Bunch members save Tom McCarty were ether captured or killed, & in the case of Harvey Logan and Ben Kilpatrick, captured and then later killed. There is nothing preternatural about any of these guys. They made mistakes, they screwed up. They paid for it. Best, Dan

  • Re: Mules at San VicenteChrisV, Mon Apr 9 2:13pm
    Dan, I understand mules are perfect for many things. However, in a getaway situation I would want something to move faster like a horse. If a horseís endurance isnít as good as a mule, a smart robber ... more
    • coulda,woulda, shoula — Daniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:30pm
      • Re: coulda,woulda, shoulaChrisV, Mon Apr 9 3:29pm
        What Im trying to get at, is Butch and SK never did it this way. Its not their style. There is still nothing that points to it being them, in fact quite the opposite Another member used the Bonnie... more
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