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Re: coulda,woulda, shoula
Mon Apr 9, 2018 3:29pm

What Im trying to get at, is Butch and SK never did it this way. Its not their style. There is still nothing that points to it being them, in fact quite the opposite

Another member used the Bonnie and Clyde analogy. The day they were killed they were doing what up until then had worked for them. They did not change their M.O. It worked so they stuck with it.

Your right about history. History is what happened and it has to be proved with facts. Obviously you think its Butch and SK in San Vicente? Then I suggest you stop trying to be clever with titles and hastags and prove its them.

  • coulda,woulda, shoulaDaniel Buck, Mon Apr 9 2:30pm
    Chris, Your approach is how it would have been if you had been been in charge: It would not have worked out the way it supposedly did because you would have been smarter and it would have worked out... more
    • Re: coulda,woulda, shoula — ChrisV, Mon Apr 9 3:29pm
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