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Re: Mules and even Burros
Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:42am

Thats nice information Bob. Im not saying he didnt have experience with mules. What I am saying is a mule is not the right tool for a getaway. Did Butch use mules at Castlegate, Wilcox, Wagner, etc.....? No. The Wild Bunch M.O. was relaying horses for a quick getaway. They knew speed equaled avoiding capture. Again mules average top speed is 15 MPH...a horse 20-25 MPH. You act like horses dont exist in high altitudes. Remember, it takes a horse to make a mule.

From what I can gather the distance from the robbery to San Vicente was roughly 60 miles. If I am wrong please correct me. Experienced robbers are going to stay in a town 60 miles from the crime knowing that there are possible posses after them? I dont think so.

  • Mules and even BurrosBob Goodwin, Tue Apr 10 6:55am
    Butch had plenty of experience with Mules. Actually, when younger Butch was known to have raced just about anything with four legs. I have references of him racing Mules, and even Burros. While in... more
    • Re: Mules and even Burros — ChrisV, Tue Apr 10 7:42am
      • Chris Pat, Tue Apr 10 9:52am
        You don't know the first clue about any of this do you? The robbery was in a out of the way place and not near a town.
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