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Vince Garcia
Re: The real question is the other owtlaws
Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:56pm

It was SD and another robber, but not Butch?

Not impossible.

  • The real question is the other owtlaws Pat, Tue Apr 10 10:08am
    Murray and Walters who were Butch and another outlaw. They were arrested at town (Salo) to where the robbery took place. Taken to Trelew and held 3 days. The entire report is given. This is the men... more
    • Re: The real question is the other owtlaws Daniel Buck, Tue Apr 10 10:48am
      Pat, mon ami, a clarification: Frank Murray, an English engineer, and Ray A. Walters, an America bookkeeper, were arrested in Salo 5 November, the day after the holdup, on suspicion of being the two... more
      • Dan,AmigoPat, Tue Apr 10 11:42am
        It is your interpretation. I can send them entire police report to anyone who wants so they can read for themselves. It is not as you say. My hand got the best of me : Tupiza
        • Re: Dan,AmigoDaniel Buck, Tue Apr 10 12:00pm
          Pat, on the question of where Murray and Walters were on the night of the 3rd, I'm not interpreting anything, I'm reporting what Carlos Pero said. One could make a simpler argument, one that... more
          • That's your interpretation.Pat, Tue Apr 10 2:42pm
            I prefer to have others reading themselves. You have no proof that Walter's and Murray is English, Gringo'.s or martians. Nor you you know who they really were? No passports, no jobs, nothing. No do... more
            • we fight with the evidence we have . . . .Daniel Buck, Tue Apr 10 3:52pm
              Pat, Wow, you re absolutely correct. I was not in the Tupiza region in November 1908. If I had been I would have bastinadoed the hell out of Murray & Walters and got the truth out of them. For all we ... more
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