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jim lynch
Consecrated ground
Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:23pm

I believe it was Pat that introduced the idea that consecrated graveyards would not have allowed robbers to have been buried in a consecrated graveyard therefore it would have been likely that they would have been planted just outside of it, that is supposedly what happened in BTK's case.

  • Re: Useing GPR to find a graveVince Garcia, Tue Apr 10 6:54pm
    how would GPR tell one set of bones from another in a what is almost a mass grave site?
    • Consecrated ground — jim lynch, Tue Apr 10 7:23pm
      • Re: Consecrated groundDaniel Buck, Wed Apr 11 2:56am
        Jim, Where the two San Vicente outlaws were buried, inside/outside the walled cemetery, inside/outside consecrated ground, etc., has been discussed on OWR. Search the word "consecrated." As is so... more
        • concept and practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 5:27am
          Dan As an adder - A priest can concentrate the ground of a burial. A grave yard can also have two sections within its walls for consecrated ( pre blessed) or unconsecrated grounds. IE: - One section... more
          • Re: concept and practice Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 5:45am
            Mark, Yes, all of those are possibilities. We have two accounts, both second-hand. A.G. Francis said he had heard the two bandits were buried in unconsecrated grounds. Victor J. Hampton said that... more
            • Concept and Practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 6:03am
              Dan, Yes, These two options can occur within the walls of the cemetery. Thanks -
          • Mark*ChrisV, Thu Apr 12 5:32am
            How do you know all this stuff Mark* when you can't answer a Yes or No question about where you've been and what you've seen?
        • This is the keyVince Garcia, Wed Apr 11 3:06am
          "Bodies are buried helter skelter, some graves with a headstone, some with a makeshift wooden cross, some with no marker at all, asi no mas," "anyone can haul a body in there and bury it without so... more
          • GreatPat, Wed Apr 11 7:44am
            Bring out the national guard and wall off the surrounding area. . Bring in a dozen bulldozers. Dig up the whole cemetery and surrounding area. Look for anyone with ugly faces and beards or blond... more
            • Thanks to alljim lynch, Wed Apr 11 10:39am
              So it appears to me to be just a matter of money, time and some organization to mount a search for los gringos, aliens or whoever is planted there. On the tv every week is some reality show like the... more
              • Oh Jim!Pat, Wed Apr 11 11:43am
                This is Bolivia.!!!! Dan you give the logistics of how to get the Bolivian gov to do this. Not to mention the people of SV who would truly resent this . Now that they have Zimmer's bones installed as ... more
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