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Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:32am

How do you know all this stuff Mark* when you can't answer a Yes or No question about where you've been and what you've seen?

  • concept and practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 5:27am
    Dan As an adder - A priest can concentrate the ground of a burial. A grave yard can also have two sections within its walls for consecrated ( pre blessed) or unconsecrated grounds. IE: - One section... more
    • Re: concept and practice Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 5:45am
      Mark, Yes, all of those are possibilities. We have two accounts, both second-hand. A.G. Francis said he had heard the two bandits were buried in unconsecrated grounds. Victor J. Hampton said that... more
      • Concept and Practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 6:03am
        Dan, Yes, These two options can occur within the walls of the cemetery. Thanks -
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