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Daniel Buck
Re: concept and practice
Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:45am

Yes, all of those are possibilities.

We have two accounts, both second-hand. A.G. Francis said he had heard the two bandits were buried in unconsecrated grounds. Victor J. Hampton said that Malcolm Roberts, the Aramayo manager, said they were buried in the SV cemetery. Those two accounts are not necessarily contradictory. Unconsecrated ground inside the cemetery. Dan

  • concept and practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 5:27am
    Dan As an adder - A priest can concentrate the ground of a burial. A grave yard can also have two sections within its walls for consecrated ( pre blessed) or unconsecrated grounds. IE: - One section... more
    • Re: concept and practice — Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 5:45am
      • Concept and Practice Mark Mszanski, Thu Apr 12 6:03am
        Dan, Yes, These two options can occur within the walls of the cemetery. Thanks -
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