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Vince Garcia
Point for Pat
Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:08am

I'm not sure where Pat concluded "they did robberies in fours," but as I recall Pero did say he thought there were two others hiding in the brush or something

    • Re: Point for PatDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 6:27am
      Vince, I think you are referring to the following passage from Carlos Peró's 4 November 1908 letter, Digging Up (2003) pp. 230-232: "It is quite possible that there were more bandits hidden, because... more
      • Re: Point for PatVince Garcia, Thu Apr 12 5:00pm
        gotcha. thx That makes sense since if there were 4, they would have split the take, not given the whole take to 2 bandits
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