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Daniel Buck
Re: Point for Pat
Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:27am

I think you are referring to the following passage from Carlos Perķ's 4 November 1908 letter, Digging Up (2003) pp. 230-232: "It is quite possible that there were more bandits hidden, because when one of our pack animals broke away from the trail on the descent, our servant noted various animals hidden in the ravine."

Perķ seems to be describing his descent of Huaca Huaņusca prior to the holdup.

A.G. Francis, & the witnesses who saw the bandits in Cucho and San Vicente, indicated they were only two. Dan

  • Point for PatVince Garcia, Thu Apr 12 6:08am
    I'm not sure where Pat concluded "they did robberies in fours," but as I recall Pero did say he thought there were two others hiding in the brush or something
    • Re: Point for Pat — Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 12 6:27am
      • Re: Point for PatVince Garcia, Thu Apr 12 5:00pm
        gotcha. thx That makes sense since if there were 4, they would have split the take, not given the whole take to 2 bandits
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